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Major General Peter B. Porter to be honored

NIAGARA FALLS, NY (Oakwood Cemetery) - Major General Peter B. Porter is to be honored once again for his service to the country.  A bronze version of the Congressional Gold Medal will be presented to Oakwood Cemetery by Warren Baltes, the Historian for the Connecticut Street Armory in Buffalo.  Mr Baltes started doing research on the General simply because of the name.  The Connecticut Street Armory is located near Porter Avenue in Buffalo, there was also a Fort Porter located in the area, but it was torn down in the 1920's to make way for the construction of the Peace Bridge.  (Both the Avenue and the Fort were named after the General) In his research, Mr Baltes found that General Porter had been presented the Congressional Gold Medal.  Only 230 or so of the medals have been awarded by Congress, the first going to President George Washington.  

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When a Gold Medal is struck by the US Mint, bronze versions are created for family and dignitaries.  These versions have become collectors items.  Cemetery Administrator, Laurence G. Steele said, "Oakwood Cemetery is deeply honored that Warren would not only take the time to research one of our residents, but then purchase and donate a version of the medal to us."

The ceremony takes place just before the Stunters Tour on Saturday, July 14 and 9am.  Several area dignitaries have been invited to attend.   


Oakwood Opportunities

NIAGARA FALLS, NY (Oakwood Cemetery) - Oakwood Cemetery has a spot for you, no matter what your talent might be.  Please check out our Volunteer section, and find something that interests you.  Get in on the ground floor to help bring Oakwood back to top of Western New York's mind.  Jobs are varied, some require little work, some require a lot.  Whatever you can handle, Oakwood has a volunteer position for you.  Click on our Volunteer page to read more!


Stunters Tour photos

NIAGARA FALLS, NY (Oakwood Cemetery) - Many thanks to Tim and Barbara Maloney of for being our photographers on many occassions.  Tim and Barbara photograph the cemetery and many other civic functions, like the NACC and City Hall.  You can see their work by clicking the above link, and the Stunters Tour pics by clicking here.


Chocolate Barrel Benefits Oakwood Cemetery

Photo By: Dan Cappellazzo Niagara GazetteNIAGARA FALLS, NY (Oakwood Cemetery) - Honeymoon Sweets of Niagara is offering a new line of chocolate to honor Niagara Falls stunting past.  "Niagara Daredevil Chocolates" is the sweet concoction of local candy maker Mary Ann Hess.  The new line includes a barrel in honor of Annie Edson Taylor, the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a real barrel.  There is also a panoramic scene of the Horseshoe Falls with a tightrope walker, and this will benefit Heart Love and Soul Food Pantry.  A third candy bar is yet to come with children flying kites of the gorge to benefit the Niagara Lions Club.

The bars can be purchased by calling Oakwood Cemetery at 716.284.5131 or by going to Mary Ann's website.  Mary Ann is also selling the bars on Old Falls Street beginning June 14th.

See a report on the chocolate bars.


Where the Stunters Rest Tour

UPDATE:  Friday's Stunters Rest Tour is FREE!

International television networks covering the Wallenda walk have shown interest in covering our tour.   We would love a significant group of people to come see our cemetery and learn about our "resident" stunters.  We have decided to open Friday Tour to the public for free! 

NIAGARA FALLS, NY (Oakwood Cemetery) - Visit some of Niagara's most colorful characters.  Oakwood Cemetery's "Where the Stunters Rest" Tour will take you to meet Annie Edson Taylor face to face.  Join her and visit Carlisle Graham, Capt. Matthew Webb, and Francis Abbott (the Hermit of Niagara).  Learn of their adventures, and capture the excitement they caused.

Three tours are available.  One on Friday June 15 at 2pm, and two on Saturday June 16, one at 10am and one at noon.  Click here to buy your tickets pre sale.